More About KékiCake

Mix One Part Entrepreneur And Two Parts Passion for Baking Cakes

Do you remember when you first learned to cook? Donna does. She was four years old, standing in her family’s kitchen with her mother and grandmothers learning how to prepare evening dinners and weekend desserts. Donna’s love for cooking grew into an insatiable desire to create scrumptious cakes.

Blending Passion With Business

After obtaining her MBA and working for over 20 years in sales and marketing, she attended culinary school while working at Wells Fargo®. After graduating, she interned at patisseries in the San Francisco Bay Area, and traveled to France several times to learn more about the art of French pastry.

In 2010, she founded and operated a local online bakery. Customers who enjoyed her cakes moved to other states, and she figured out how to share her recipes and package their favorite cakes into DIY dessert kits. Donna and her husband realized that efforts to thank busy loyal customers by helping them scratch bake could also be enjoyed by others.​

At KékiCake, we focus on high-quality natural ingredients, small-batch scratch baking, easy dessert recipes, phenomenal flavors, and our community mission to help end homelessness for parents with children. Our hope is that you will consider our cake kits for all of your delicious dessert occasions.

With Appreciation,

Donna Davis
Founder/Pastry Chef