Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How should I store my kit when it’s delivered?

Immediately upon delivery, refrigerate all ingredients, fillings, and buttercreams marked Perishable Keep Refrigerated. The step-by-step instructional recipe and non-perishables can be stored in a cool dry place until you're ready to bake.

Q. Should I bake my cake as soon as my kit is delivered?

Your KékiCake should be mixed, baked, filled, and frosted within 3 days after delivery.

Q. What is the size of a baked and frosted KékiCake?

3 layers, 8 inches round and approximately 4” inches high. Serves up to 14; 2” slices.

Q. How are KékiCake baking recipes, fillings, buttercreams, and garnishes prepared?

All cake layers, fillings, and buttercreams are KékiCake original recipes. We focus on using all natural ingredients and creating a balanced sweetness (not overly sweet), to ensure the complimentary flavors of the cake, filling, and buttercream can be experienced by our customers. We use professional culinary techniques, many of which originated in France (aka the pastry capital of the world).

Our kits include French buttercreams (not American buttercream which can be too sweet and is prepared with powdered sugar.) The Citrus Carrot and Lemon Zest cake kits include a mascarpone & cream cheese American buttercream. But, it’s a KékiCake original recipe; significantly less sweet than traditional American cream cheese buttercream.

Some garnishes are prepared in our commercial facility e.g. toasted natural coconut and honey cocoa nibs. Others are imported favorites loved by our founder and pastry team e.g. Cacao Barry Praline Grains®.

Q. How should I store and serve my KékiCake?

Your cake can be stored at room temperature for up to 1.5 hours (as long as the inside temperature is not too warm, and the buttercream does not melt and become too soft). Our amazingly delicious buttercreams are prepared with real, high quality butter and soften easily. When the buttercream becomes too soft, store the cake in refrigerator. Remember to allow time to bring your cake to room temperature before serving; 30-90 minutes before serving depending upon the coldness of the cake. Always serve your cake at room temperature. Please do not store or present your cake outside for more than 30 minutes in warm/hot temperatures. The buttercream will melt.

Q. What is your current shipping schedule? If I have a question regarding FedEx pick up, transit, and delivery of my kit, whom should I call?

We ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday via FedEx®. If you have a question regarding pick up, transit, and delivery please call our trusted partner Periship® 24/7; (866)-928-6428.

Day Order Placed (Before 2:00pm PST) Ship Day To Customer
Monday Next Day, Tuesday
Tuesday Next Day, Wednesday
Wednesday, Thursday The Following Monday
Friday, Saturday, Sunday The Following Monday


Q. Can I send a KékiCake kit as a gift?

Yes. Send a KékiCake digital gift card via email. Or, please select and purchase a cake kit and ship it directly to a recipient. Enter a gift message in the designated field during checkout and we’ll include your gift message on the packing slip receipt.

Q. How are digital gift cards delivered?

After checkout, the digital gift card is immediately emailed directly to the purchaser. The value of the card can be redeemed on Ké by the purchaser or, it can be gifted to a recipient. The email will include a code which should be used at checkout to redeem the value of the card.

Q. Can a digital gift card be used more than once?

Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

Q. Can more than one digital gift card be used towards a purchase?


Q. How can I confirm my digital gift card balance?

In order to confirm the balance for a gift card it must be purchased while logged into a created account on Ké A link to confirm the balance will be included on the purchase confirmation email. If the customer was not logged into an account created on Ké, please contact us to confirm the balance.

Q. Can a digital gift card be used to pay for shipping fees and sales tax?

Yes, gift card values are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.

Q. Can a promotional offer or discount be applied towards the purchase of digital gift card?

Promotional offers or discounts cannot be applied towards the purchase of a digital gift card.

Q. Can a digital gift card be used in conjunction with a discount or promotional offer for a purchase?

Yes, digital gift cards are a form of payment.

Q. Where does KékiCake currently ship Kits?

Please review our Shipping Information page. We currently ship  to non-remote zip codes in select the United States. For select states (CA, WA, OR, NV) we offer $10 flat rate shipping via FedEx Ground. We also offer local pick up at our commercial pastry facility in the San Francisco Bay area and coming soon, same day delivery in Berkeley, CA via DoorDash.

Q. Do you ship and deliver to P.O. boxes?

FedEx will not deliver to a P.O. Box address.

Q. I have a question about my order or delivery. Whom should I contact?

For order related or inquiries, send a message on the Contact Us page or give as a call (510) 537-3636. If your inquiry regards FedEx® shipment, transit, and delivery of your cake kit, please call our trusted customer service partner PeriShip® 24/7, (866)-928-6428. Contact DoorDash directly regarding same day deliveries.

Q. What is KékiCake’s cancellation policy?

We require a 24 hour notice before your requested/scheduled ship or pick up date. If you’d like to cancel your order, please send an email using our online inquiry form and type Cancel My Order in the subject line or call us; 510-537-3636. We will gladly cancel your order and refund the purchase cost of the kit (including shipping fees).
We take great pride in delivering excellent customer service. If you have a question or concern, please contact us via our online inquiry form or call us. For cancellations for same day delivery orders via DoorDash, please cancel your order at before your order is scheduled for delivery.

Q. What if you are not satisfied with your KékiCake?

We definitely want to hear from you. Please send us an email using our online inquiry form or call us directly at 510-537-3636.
If a refund is warranted, please note that we can only refund the purchase price for the kit and sales tax. KékiCake does not refund shipping fees/charges. Given your concern/feedback, we will determine if the cake kit should be replaced.

Q. What is our refund policy?

We do not send replacement cakes or issue refunds for the following:

  • Wrong/incorrect ship to address provided
  • Theft of the delivery due to non-acceptance by a person from Fed Ex. Please note, a signature is not required for delivery
  • Acts of nature or weather
  • Problems not related to or caused by KékiCake
  • Not following refrigeration, thawing, handling, preparation, mixing and baking, and filling/frost/garnish instructions. And also, not using the "What You Need @ Home" baking equipment listed on the recipe card.
  • If a refund is warranted, we will apply the refund back to the method of purchase within 24 hours. We will not refund the purchase cost or shipping fees for orders which have been shipped via FedEx. Please review our 24 hour cancellation policy for kits shipped via FedEx and also for local pick up.