It’s Time to Bake A Cake

At KékiCake, our dessert baking kits and easy cake recipes create an abundance of flavor by using only the best pastry ingredients. Artisan local milled flour, imported French and Latin American chocolate, pure cane brown sugar, Italian espresso coffee, organic milk, and tropical fresh fruit purees are must-have favorites! And our original cake, fillings, and French buttercreams are created with professional culinary techniques. Just have a few eggs on hand and we deliver everything else needed to easily bake, fill, frost, and garnish a made-from-scratch bakery-fresh cake.

cake baking kits and recipes

What’s Inside A Cake Baking Kit

With our step-by-step cake baking kits and dessert recipes, you get pre-measured natural ingredients to minimize shopping and prep time. And our creamy fruit curds, rich bittersweet chocolate ganache, buttery caramel, and delectable French buttercream are pastry chef prepared to make finishing your cake a breeze.

The KékiCake Cold Box

cake kits delivered

Local pick up and delivery cake kit perishables are frozen and packaged in our signature shopping bag. Place in refrigerator for 24 hours to thaw before baking.

A refrigerated box keeps perishable ingredients chilled at the right temperature for shipping. FedEx® reliably delivers your cake kit right to your home kitchen.

Bake a cake from scratch